After much deliberating, and probably too much red wine, we decided in 2015 to take the plunge and scratch a long-existing and increasingly apparent itch to travel. We would take a year out and really explore a part of the world. But where. There were so many places we wanted to see. We had our honeymoon self-driving a Land Rover Defender in Namibia and loved it. The scenery, the wildlife and the people. After mentally working our way round the world several times we kept coming back to Africa, so that’s where we’ve headed for. After much preparation we packed our belongings into storage and shipped our 18 year old Land Rover Discovery from home in the UK to Cape Town in South Africa at the end of October 2016. We plan to make our way up to Tanzania and back down again before shipping the car back home next year.

Neither of us are social-media savvy but we’ve set up this blog so that friends and family can keep in touch with what we are doing and as our own record of our trip. It’s basic and it may be clunky but we hope it will do the job.

Our motto seems to have become “What’s the worst that could happen?” Through these pages we will probably find out… 🙂

Gareth and Angela

October 2016