Blyde River Canyon

Jessica Hippo and her human family live just north of the Blyde River Canyon, the third deepest canyon in the world. The drive along the canyon’s lip is named the Panorama Route and not without cause. The scenery is beautiful, and the names of viewpoints such as God’s Window and World’s View give an idea of the scale of things.

DSC06071 Levels (Medium)

The Three Rondavals

IMG_1949 Levels (Medium)

What a view

There were a few waterfalls in the area which were worth a visit and a stretch of the legs to get to.

IMG_2004 Levels (Medium)

Some involved a little climbing

IMG_2006 Levels (Medium)

The same waterfall from a different angle (this time without Gareth sitting in its edge…)

IMG_1973 Levels (Medium)

This is Lisbon Falls

IMG_1980 Levels (Medium)

This one’s Berlin Falls

Near one end of the canyon, where the Blyde and Treur rivers converge, is a spectacular demonstration of water erosion over millions of years. It’s a place called Bourke’s Luck (after a gold prospector Tom, who didn’t have much luck on that count!). The swirling confluence waters caused these dramatic formations:

IMG_1957 Levels (Medium)

Bourke’s Luck

We’ve noticed so much Aloe growing in different areas on the trip, we thought we’d include some here.

IMG_2010 Levels (Medium)


DSC06101 Levels (Medium)

Another lovely day of beautiful views, despite the fact that you have to pay to visit most of them, which got a bit annoying. Off back into the Kruger Park next. At least our Wild Card is already paid for…  Smile

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